“Cities need visions of the future to guide strategy and provoke innovation. The Visions and Pathways project shows the kind of change that is needed and also guides us towards what is possible. We have found the outputs really useful in our work with cities and businesses.” Peter Madden, OBE / Chief Executive / Future Cities Catapult 


“Whenever I’m trying to get clients to work towards a sustainable future, I use images from Visions & Pathways 2040 as examples of what our clients can aspire to. It’s so powerful to be able to visualise a better future – that’s something that I haven’t see others do.” Jeffrey Robinson, Sustainability Expertise Leader, Aurecon.


“Visions & Pathways 2040 is a truly interdisciplinary, participatory, and cutting edge programme of research. In an increasingly urbanised world, cities must overcome the disconnection between short term planning horizons and longer term environmental challenges if they are to create a sustainable future. City visions, or shared perspectives of a desirable future, provide a possibility space to think laterally and innovatively about the future. Visions & Pathways 2040 has provided important and impactful international lessons on how cities can construct viable and effective future city visions. In this way, cities can learn how resources can be mobilised and policy and practice shaped to create a successful urban transition.” Professor Tim Dixon, Chair in Sustainable Futures in the Built Environment, University of Reading