• Framing Processes in the Envisioning of Low-Carbon, Resilient Cities…

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  • Challenges facing transdisciplinary teams

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  • Gaziulusoy & Twomey

    Authors: Idil Gaziulusoy & Paul Twomey

    Title: Emerging Approaches in Business Model Innovation Relevant to Sustainability and Low-carbon Transitions

  • McGrail & Gaziulusoy

    Authors: Stephen McGrail & Idil Gaziulusoy

    Title: Using futures inquiry to create low-carbon, resilient urban futures: A review of practice, theory and process options for the Visions and Pathways project

  • Samuel Alexander

    Author: Samuel Alexander

    Title: Disruptive Social Innovation for a Low-carbon World

  • John Wiseman

    Author: John Wiseman

    Title: Pathways to a zero-carbon economy: Learning from large scale de-carbonisation strategies

  • McGrail

    Author: Stephen McGrail

    Title: A review of roadmaps for transitioning to a zero carbon built environment in Australia

  • Twomey Gaziulusoy

    Authors: Paul Twomey & Idil Gaziulusoy

    Title: Review of System Innovation and Transitions Theories: Concepts and frameworks for understanding and enabling transitions to a low carbon built environment