The Visions and Pathways 2040 research team drew on input from over 250 experts from across government, industry and academia to develop four scenarios for Australian cities achieving an 80% reduction in carbon emissions. 

From the many ways Australia could achieve significant carbon emission reductions, the project has distilled expert input into four possible scenarios for the future. Researchers then worked with designers to create ‘visions’ of these future, low carbon cities.

Naturally any future will combine elements from all, and it’s important to remember that these aren’t predictive scenarios –  but rather four magnified versions of the trends that experts see feasibly achieving a low carbon future.

Click through to read detailed descriptions of each scenario, including visualisations of high, medium and low density future cities. 

Clean-Tech Corporate Living

Planned Regulated Living

Networked Entrepreneurial Living

Community Balanced Living

The full information about this stage of the project (including more detail on the scenarios and their development) is available in the project publication Scenarios 2040 – Results from the second year of Visions and Pathways 2040